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Mindfulness and Personal Development With Horses

To encourage connection with ourselves and the environment by quieting mental activity.
How Does It Help

How Does It Help

Focused on the development and inner growth of the person.

Experiences with horses created in a day or half-day format, proposed for all types of individuals or groups who may share the concern of deepening into their self knowledge and acquiring tools for a better quality of life.

The main focus of the activities will be transporting us to the "here and now" by relying on the essence of the horse and its universe as he experiences it.


  • Connect with ourselves and the environment.
  • Teach how to live in the present moment.
  • Quiet mental activity.
  • Reduce the level of stress
Get more concentration, creativity and emotional intelligence with this program.
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It is not necessary to have previous experience with horses or know how to ride
All our activities are suitable for all types of people and do not require previous experience with horses nor the ability to ride.
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We love to provide an excellent experience for our customers.

There are few moments when the noise ceases, the world seems to have stopped and you realize of yourself...

Ana Jimenez

My anxiety and stress after the session were considerably diminished thanks to Laura's ability to make me realize what I should really care about.

Rossina Avilez

... I am left with the comprehension of the force and fullness that had being present in the moment, in the space with the horse, allowing all be as it is.

Regina Conde

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