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Coaching With Horses With Impact on the Person

An immediate impact coaching experience through interaction with horses in both individual and group sessions.



Specific coaching programs with horses in accordance with each target group.

Coaching With Horses for Companies

Dynamics designed for the group to interact with the horses in different scenarios that show, in a very graphic way, important aspects for the functioning and efficiency of the group.

Coaching With Horses for Individuals

Personal sessions where through a conversation guided by the coach and the interaction with the horse, self-inquiry is deepened, detecting limiting aspects as opposed to strengths that bring you closer to the goal.

Coaching With Horses for Children

Group activities where through interaction with horses children and adolescents work on relevant aspects for their personal development, as well as those related to the healthy management of their emotional world.

Coaching With Horses for Vulnerable Groups

Dynamics aimed at motivating and empowering individuals within groups that share specific characteristics and needs derived from situations of potential vulnerability.
All activities are carried out on foot, therefore no horses are ridden.
It is not necessary to have previous experience with horses or know how to ride
All our activities are suitable for all types of people and do not require previous experience with horses nor the ability to ride.
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Coaching With Horses for Companies

Recommended to promote teamwork and comradeship in organizations and teams.

Each exercise is an invitation to observe the present moment with all that it entails and to subsequent reflection.

Thanks to the analogies between what happens with horses and our everyday situations, great understandings will be obtained and new ways of acting will be opened.


  • Create suitable contexts to promote effective communication and teamwork
  • Encourage creativity, decision making and, therefore, help in the resolution of tasks.
  • Increase motivation and companionship.
Organize an unforgettable experience for your company with us.
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Coaching With Horses for Individuals

Indicated for people who seek change or pursue a goal and do not know how to achieve it.

Sessions in which the person comes into contact with the horse throughout a conversation guided by the coach, in order to reach a greater knowledge of himself, detecting aspects that limit him and discovering the forces that will help him carry out his purpose.

There will be exclusively a foot-to-ground interaction (never riding the horse), based on observation and subsequent integration of the experience.


  • Help to identify automatisms and limiting beliefs.
  • Increase self-esteem and confidence.
  • Reduce stress and/or anxiety levels.
  • Encourage self-inquiry.
  • Unblock emotions.
Get the best out of yourself by enjoying a coaching session with horses.
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Coaching With Horses for Children

Suitable for educational centers, schools and pedagogical cabinets.

By giving children a team task, they initially find it difficult to undertake as a group, become frustrated, blame each other, conflict arises, and lose interest and confidence. And in such a situation it is almost impossible for the horse to respond to their instructions.

When suggested other options and a change in attitude, they usually get different results from the previous ones. These images and emotions generated from the actions of the horse, make the children by themselves and through experience, reach understandings of value.


  • Help to identify and manage emotions in a healthy way.
  • Increase creativity and decision making.
  • Promote an ecological conscience.
  • Enhance body awareness.
  • Reduce anxiety levels.
  • Raise self-esteem.
The adult of tomorrow begins to be forged from an early age.
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Coaching With Horses for Vulnerable Groups

For victims of gender-based violence, immigrants and other vulnerable groups.

Group dynamics that through interaction with the horses will work on aspects relevant to the personal and emotional growth of these individuals. The generated situations and the paths chosen by the group to solve them, will provide them with valuable tools that can be extrapolated to their daily life.

The learning that these exercises with horses provide, involve sensations and emotions for which they have a deeper impact on people's memory.


  • Help to reconnect with the body.
  • Promote empowerment.
  • Optimize emotional management.
  • Teaching to set limits.
  • Raise self-esteem.
A special session to help these people take a new direction.
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We love to provide an excellent experience for our customers.

Being able to identify in my inner self what I must change after this experience has been the beginning of a new path in my decision-making.

Máximo Verdeal

It leads you to an introspection of yourself that brings out your feelings, and most importantly your forgotten abilities to solve your needs.

Eduardo Ayuso

I would highlight the delicacy and lightness with which Laura handles the session. I was challenged to overcome a certain "fear" and I loved the context she generated.

Marta Navarro

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