Laura García de Castro

Laura García de Castro is a consultant in Transpersonal Mindfulness with a specialty in Integral Health and Development from the University Miguel de Cervantes. She is also certified in Horse Coaching by Equilibri.

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Horses to Educate Emotionally from Childhood

Evidence shows that a good dose of empathy, active listening and emotional self-regulation in children favours their personal and academic development, while at the same time fosters an atmosphere of well-being, flexibility and mutual respect in their environment.

How Coaching with Horses Brings Excellence to Business

One thing is to subsist as a company or business, obtaining decent results and managing to stay in the market against all odds, and quite another is to stand out, inspire and become a reference in a sector and an ideal place to work for its employees.

How We Integrate Mindfulness through Horses

The practice of mindfulness seeks to bring us closer to our essence and connect us with our roots so that in that simplicity, we recover our quality of life. Horses, because they are and recognise themselves as an intrinsic part of nature, act as our guides on the way "back home".

Benefits of Interaction with Horses for Autistic Children (ASD)

We are often approached by parents who ask if the horse activities we do on the ground could be beneficial to their children with autism... and the answer is always the same, of course they can!

My Reflection in Horses

In general, we have a hard time looking at ourselves for better or for worse, but if they suddenly put a mirror in front of us, we begin to glimpse our own pictures much more clearly. This is what often happens when we are with horses, that they might act as a mirror for us.

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