About EnTi

We are born with the purpose of offering experiential coaching with immediate impact throughout the interaction with horses.

We aim to accompany and guide people towards the discovery of their own potential.


Ease the path to the inner power of each one, to make them seek for the answers "inside" and not outside, and to provide greater well-being and awareness.


To be a reference in personal development and growth using horses.


These are the great driving forces on which we base our work.


Experiences with horses have become triggers of change for us. This makes us believe in what we do and want to put it at the service of other people.


We are enthusiastic by nature. Even having gone through difficult times, we have no trouble getting our hopes up again and taking the positive out of any situation.


For us, nature is a constant source of inspiration in terms of respect and coexistence... If the world had respect, conflict would not exist.


We are interested in knowing how people feel, what worries them, in which vital moment they are, their emotional universe and to be able to accompany them in their process.


Listening is an essential element for good communication, and having good communication is vital for the health of our relationships.


This is something that we appreciate very much when dealing with people, so we make sure that this is reciprocal in order to create a relaxed and trusting atmosphere.


We are motivated by transparency and truthfulness. In our day-to-day work we strive to leave that mark on all the services we offer.


We are fascinated by human being and its potential. We believe it is crucial to regain our capacity for compassion for all beings.


We seek to be guided by high values and to work ideally towards a common good.
Disponibilidad de los servicios de EnTi en el mundo
Our services are available anywhere in the world and in different languages
If you are interested in our activities and cannot travel to Madrid, we will come to you. We speak English, French, Italian and Spanish. Contact us to find out more!
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Our Team

Here are the people who are directly involved in this project.
Laura García de Castro - EnTi

Laura García de Castro

Founder of EnTi

About Laura:

Born in Madrid, Laura discovers horses in 2013 when after some shocking life experiences, she begins to sense a need to change the focus of her life and inquire more deeply into the human being throughout her own experience.

With a career of more than twenty-five years on the international financial scene, at the end of 2018, driven by the enthusiasm experienced with the horses until now, she decided to embark on a new path with these wise animals and friends with whom she shares this passion.

Her dynamism and desire to learn have led her to collaborate in various projects abroad: Ireland, Colombia, etc.

Relevant training:

  • Consultant in Transpersonal Mindfulness by the Universidad Europea Miguel de Cervantes (specialty in Development and Integral Health), Madrid.
  • Accredited Master's Degree in Executive and Personal Conscious Coaching by Association for Coaching.
  • International Certification of Coaching with Horses, Equilibri, España.
  • HeartMath training applied to horses, Mayte Roger, Valencia.
  • Presence with horses, Stormy May, Gerona.
  • Sensitive Ethology, Raquel Villares, Madrid.
  • Course on Communication with Horses through Handling, Sergio Vidal, Madrid and Gerona.
Ato Rodríguez - EnTi

Ato Rodríguez

Collaborator of EnTi

About Ato:

Born in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, Ato has been working with horses since 2011 when he decided to leave his position as manager of a modular construction and machinery rental company and to pursue his childhood dream: to work with horses and help people.

Since then he has not stopped training in all kinds of disciplines applicable to the horse-human pair. His friendliness and sense of humour has earned him extensive experience in working with children's groups.

Relevant training:

  • International Certification of Coaching with Horses, Equilibri, Argentina
  • Online training in cardiac coherence, Instituto Español de Coherencia Psicofisiológica.
  • Observation of the Free Horse, Lucy Rees, Spain.
  • Connected Riding, Merlín Martínez Farriol, Spain.
  • Horsemanship course, Alex Nyman, Spain
  • Natural horsemanship, Caroline Wolfer, Switzerland


Some answers to the most frequently asked questions.
Is it necessary to know how to ride a horse?

No previous experience with horses or knowledge of riding is required in any case, since everything is done "on foot".

When can these activities be done?

Our activities can take place all year round and in any season. In very adverse weather conditions, alternative covered facilities would be sought.

Are these annoying activities for the horses?

No way. They are gentle and respectful activities for the horses, since the only thing needed to develop them is that they behave like horses... Our activities even serve to rehabilitate old horses that stopped being useful in their previous functions.

Where can I do the activities?

We are in Madrid although our services are available in different geographical areas and even outside Spain. Contact us and tell us your concerns, we will be happy to present a proposal.

Are all people fit for these activities?

Our activities are indicated for all types of people except those with psychic pathologies or disorders that require medical treatment, nor people under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

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