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EnTi - The Opportunity to Awaken Your True Nature

We are experts in producing changes in people, as a result of their interaction with horses.

Entities that rely on EnTi

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What We Do

We offer horse-assisted activities with high impact on the person.
Coaching with horses individually or for teams (companies)

Coaching With Horses for Individuals or Teams

Dynamics that allow you to discover your own resources, boost your personal growth, creativity and conflict resolution.

Mindfulness and Personal Development With Horses

Mindfulness and Personal Development With Horses

Experiences that encourage connection with ourselves and the environment, quieting mental activity and empowering the present moment.
Interventions With Horses for the Elderly

Interventions With Horses for the Elderly

Simple sessions carefully prepared to raise self-esteem and sense of usefulness and to reduce the feeling of loneliness.
It is not necessary to have previous experience with horses or know how to ride
All our activities are suitable for all types of people and do not require previous experience with horses nor the ability to ride.
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Why Choose Us

There are many reasons why you can bet on EnTi. Here are a few...

Our practices are friendly and respectful of the horses.

They even make it possible to rehabilitate old horses that were no longer useful in their previous functions.

Learn more about EnTi.

  • We hear you! Our activities are very flexible and we adapt to your needs.
  • We are highly creative and dynamic, leaving our mark on the hearts of our clients.
  • Our team is well prepared and trained to give you a high quality service.
  • We're not middlemen. The activities are coordinated and developed by us.

What They Say About Us

We love to provide an excellent experience for our customers.

Laura is a coach who combines firm guidance to avoid distractions and evasions from the process but with the warmth that lets us know that even though it is our process, we are not alone in it.

Vanessa Campos

The experience with Laura and the horses was very beautiful.

She knows how to look at you while still looking at them. She does it from a very real place.

Pau Albert

It is amazing to see you suddenly among the horses feeling that your thoughts somehow create a connection between them and you. A highly recommended experience.

Fernando de La Prida

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